Shrobz Automotive, Inc.

Complete Auto Repair

1840 Moen Ave., Unit D
Rockdale, IL 60436
Tel: 815.741.6432
Cell: 815.600.0449

Fax: 815.741.6433

Dan Shroba, Owner


Mon - Fri: 8am - 6pm
Saturday: By appt. only
Closed Sunday

Payment Terms:
Debit & Business Checks
All Major Credit Cards

Location: Shrobz Automotive is located at 1840 Moen Ave. in Rockdale across the street from UPS.



Shrobz Automotive
Complete Auto Repair


No Appointment.

Shrobz Automotive provides fast, efficient repair services for any car or truck. From oil changes to tune-ups to engine work and transmissions, we will properly repair your vehicle in a timely manner.

High Quality Products
Shrobz Automotive features high quality automotive products, including Schaeffer's Synthetic Oil. A Schaffer's High Performance oil change lasts 5,000 miles! Schaffer's Synthetic Oil provides better lubrication and easier cold weather starts, and extends engine life for high mileage vehicles.

For more information call
815.741.6432 or stop in to discuss your auto repair needs.

Shrobz Automotive Services Include:
- Complete Diagnostics -
  All Engine Repairs
- Tune-Ups
- 4x4 Repairs & Lifts
- Transmissions
- Battery
- Anti-Freeze Service

- Mufflers
- Brakes
- Oil Changes
- Windshield Wipers
- Shocks
- Water Pumps
- Radiators
- Alternators/Starters
Heating Systems - A/C
- Serpentine Belts
- Starting and Charging
- Rack and Pinion
- Variable Rate Coil Springs
- CV Axles
- Wheel Balance
- Maintaining Peak

Dan Shroba has over 20 years experience as an automotive technician. Dan will personally be involved in the repair of your vehicle and ensure it is repaired properly the first time.

Dan Shroba, chief mechanic, is
ASA Certified
and will personally make sure your
vehicle is properly repaired.

Deluxe Schaeffer's
Synthetic Oil