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Daily Safety Huddle

Talking Safety - Thinking Safety!

Everyday, all across America, someone gets hurt on the job because they weren’t thinking about safety; they were in a hurry, got tired or were complacent. Weekly—or worse yet—monthly safety meetings aren’t enough to keep your crews safe on the job EVERY single day. One of the best ways to control safety incidents is to have a workforce that is constantly aware of the dangers they face every day on the job.

Talking Safety - Thinking Safety!
The Daily Safety Huddle™ is a valuable tool that enables supervisors to easily conduct engaging and effective safety meetings. Since 2008, the Daily Safety Huddle™ program has been used by many of the nation’s largest and most safety conscious industrial companies including U.S. Steel, ExxonMobil, Gerdau, General Mills and more. The Daily Safety Huddle™ can also help YOUR workers protect themselves on the job so they can return home to their families safe at the end of every day.

The Daily Safety Huddle™ provides solutions to common problems supervisors face when conducting safety meetings.
I don’t have time to prepare content.
I don’t know what topics to cover.

My people are bored – they won’t participate.
I’m not a good speaker in front of a group.

Each month, the Daily Safety Huddle™ program books include a series of safety principles that help supervisors easily facilitate safety talks. Additionally, a safety poster that reinforces stories from the “safety huddle book” is available to distribute throughout your facility (posters are optional).

Our team of researchers, editors, writers, designers and photographers use a combination of trivia, inspirational quotes, safety stories, dramatic photos and discussion questions to get your workforce talking safety — and most importantly, thinking safety! WE DO ALL THE WORK publishing your custom safety books so your supervisors can easily conduct effective, valuable safety talks.

Daily Safety Huddle™ documents are printed and bound into a book format with tear-off pages for each day of the week. Each daily safety topic sheet in the book is dated along the top of each page.

Each Month You Will Receive:

Daily Safety Huddle™ Books
( 8.5" x 11"). Number of book depends on quantity needed. Books are comprised of a safety document for each day of the week (5 days/week or 7 days/week)

12" x 18" Safety Posters
Posters are comprised of images from the current month’s book.

The Daily Safety Huddle™ program is available for a three, six or twelve-month contract period.

Programs are available for 5-day work weeks (M-F) or 7-day work weeks. Daily Safety Huddle™ materials will arrive 5-7 days prior to the beginning of the next month.

The Daily Safety Huddle™ program is sold under a non-exclusive licensing agreement*.
Contracts are payable up front.
Pricing is outlined on our website.

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