Terrance P. Peeples
Music Instructor

Romeoville, IL






Terrance P. Peeples

Terrance P. Peeples is currently a music instructor at Lewis University where he teaches all the percussion classes, History of American Music, History of American Pop Music and a Music Appreciation class called Music for the Listener.

Mr. Peeples has a masters, bachelors and associates degree in percussion performance and a minor in music education from Western Illinois University, Illinois State University and Joliet Junior College.

He is also currently a member of the Percussive Arts Society.

Terrance Peeples, pictured at far right, marching with the Racine Kilties Drum and Bugle Corp.

Mr. Peeples is on the Vic Firth Education team and is one of the members of the contemporary steel drum band called "Callaloo Chicago". Web site:

Callaloo Chicago

Percussion Ensemble featuring students from the Joliet area.

Mr. Peeples was the winner of Chicagoland's Best Drummer Contest in 1991 sponsored by WBBZ (The Blaze), and also the Drumset 2001 Individual Champion at the Senior Drum Corp Finals in Syracuse, New York.

Mr. Peeples is a freelance musician in Chicagoland in which he plays: jazz, rock, blues, hand drum and steel drum gigs. He can be reached by calling

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tracks from Mr. Peeples'
solo CD, Rhythm Happens.

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Track 1:  African Djembe Grooves
Kalani, 2005

Track 2:  Island Riffs
Leonard Moses, 2005

Track 3:  Cantaloupe Island
herbie Hancock

Track 4:  Gitano, Movement 1 (Marimba)
Alice Gomez, 2003

Track 5:  Gitano, Movement 2 (Vibraphone)
Alice Gomez, 2003

Track 6:  Encounters IX
William Kraft

Track 7:  Tornado
Mitch Markovich

Track 8:  A Semi-Straight Jazz Waltz
Richard kashanski, 1992

Track 9:  Blue Clouds
Deja Blue Smmoth Jazz Combo, 1998

Track 10:  Four and...
Deja Blue Smmoth Jazz Combo, 1998

Track 11:  Auld Lang Syne
Robert Burns

Track 12:  Seven Steps to Heaven
Miles Davis

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