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On-Site Document Shredding

Shred-X is a Wilmington, IL based mobile shredding company that comes to your home or office to not only remove, but destroy your sensitive information. And, we'll do this right in front of you! Save time and money while increasing office productivity.

We provide a safe solution to document destruction. We can take 3-ring binders with paper still in them, legal briefs, medical records, and any other confidential papers that need to be destroyed.

We have many different service plans to choose from based on your personal or business needs.

We will drop off a bin at no charge and there is no rental fee for the bin. If you have a few boxes of paper sitting in your basement or storage area, just show us where they are and we will take care of the rest. It's that easy!

We also have a monitor on the truck so that you may watch your documents being shredded.

We have a variety of different customers, including home offices, law firms, accounting firms, banks, fire and policy departments, medical professional offices, township offices and auto dealerships.

What to Shred?
- Reams of Computer Greenbar
- Medical Records
- Legal Briefs
- Financial Statements
- Credit Cards and Receipts
- Binders (With papers still in   them!)
- Magnetic Computer Tapes
- CD's
- and just about anything else!

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