Terms of Agreement

The services provided hereunder are offered by Bullet Communications, Inc., located at 200 S. Midland Ave., Joliet, Illinois 60436, which is the domain name registrant of and which owns and maintains the website. is not affiliated with the City of Joliet, Illinois (a municipal corporation) or any of
its departments, officials or representatives.

The Terms of Agreement may be amended at any time by from time to time in our sole discretion without specific notice to Customer. The latest Terms of Agreement will be posted on the site. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, any new features that augment or enhance the current service shall be
subject to these Terms of Agreement.

For purposes of the TERMS OF AGREEMENT, you will be referred to as the “CUSTOMER”, or “YOU”.

1.) Services/Fees. (a) Customer agrees to purchase a Web Page service from Each Customer web page is allowed up to 300 words of text, plus up to six photos and one company logo. (b) Each Customer is required to submit to the following: (i) a Business Information outlining information about your business (Bullet Communications is available to assist you in writing/preparing this information for no additional charge), (ii) a signed Web Page Contract (provided as a printable form on the web site) for the monthly rental fee
for your web page. Customers are required to pay a one time $75 set-up fee. (iii) a check for the full amount of the contract period. (c) Each Customer is allowed six changes to their web page per year. A change consists of: up to 30 words of text, or 1 art element (photo or logo) replaced/omitted, to be supplied by Customer. Each additional change costs $20.00. For instance, adding two additional photos would cost $40.00. Customers are responsible for e-mailing text/.jpg photo changes to: (d) Customer agrees to maintain Service for the duration
of the term. Customer will be notified prior to the end of their term to renew their contract. Customers who fail to renew within the period allowed will have their web page removed from the Business Directory.

2.) Payment. Customer agrees to pre-pay for all services contracted for with Customer agrees to pay all attorney and collection fees arising from efforts to collect any past due amounts, to the extent allowed by law.

3.) Customer Warranty. You are responsible to ensure that all information submitted to for use on your web page is your own work, and does not violate any other person’s copyright, trademark, intellectual property or other proprietar rights. You warrant and represent that you own the rights to the content of material you submit to and that public posting and use of that content will not infringe or violate the rights of any third party. will not be held liable for any judgements that occur against Customer because of the publication of such materials.

4.) Restrictions and Description of Prohibited Web Page Content. (a) Customer supplied information for Customer web page may not contain adult graphic content (softcore and/or hardcore). Content that contains hate messages, including those that promote racism, sexism, or those that promote one particular race, sex, or nationality as superior are also prohibited. Content which promotes activities that violate federal, state, local laws and/or violation of U.S. export restrictions are also prohibited. (b) Web pages content shall not contain any material which violates or infringes upon the rights of others or is unlawful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, invasive of public or private rights, vulgar, obscene or otherwise objectionable or which encourages conduct that would constitute a criminal offense, give rise to a civil liability or violate any other law. (c) has the right, in its sole discretion, to discontinue any or all aspects of the service for any breach of this policy, without notice.

5.) Early Termination. Customer acknowledges that incurs significant expense once a Customer’s order for Services has been placed. Customer may terminate Service at any time by providing not less than thirty (30) days written notice to: Termination notice may also be mailed to: c/o Bullet Communications, Inc., 200 S. Midland Ave., Joliet, IL 60436. A Customer who terminates the Service prior to the end of the contract term can have their web page removed from the Business Directory, but will not be entitled to any refund.

6.) Discontinuance of Service. may also terminate your web page and/or account if we decide, in our sole discretion, to discontinue offering our services. If discontinues service, you will be receive a full refund for the period remaining on your contract. reserves the right to refuse or terminate service to a customer at any time without cause. If discontinues your service, you will be receive a full refund for the period remaining on your contract.

7.) Your Indemnification. and Bullet Communications, Inc. are not responsible for transactions between you and any third party, including any
insufficiency of or problems with such third party's background or credit. and Bullet Communications, Inc. are not responsible for any claim by a third party against you. In the event you have a dispute with any third party, you agree to indemnify and hold, and Bullet Communications, Inc. and its officers, directors and employees, harmless against any and all claims, losses, liabilities, judgments, costs and expenses, including, but not limited to reasonable attorney's fees related to that dispute. This indemnification applies to, but is not limited to, disputes arising from: (a) infringement of any third party's copyright, trademark, intellectual property or other proprietary rights or patents, or invasion of any privacy rights, by any material you submit or authorize for use
on your website; (b) your violation of this Agreement; or (c) any indecent, obscene, or libelous material you supplied to be posted on your web page.

8.) Proprietary Rights and Copyrights. (a) You agree to grant and Bullet Communications, Inc. a non-exclusive license to host, use, reproduce, modify, distribute, transmit, combine with information provided by third parties, and publicly display the content of your web page on and through the website and the website, and in promotional or advertising materials of and Bullet Communications, Inc. (b) All copyrights to the material* on your web page created by (excluding copyrights of customer owned and supplied logos and photos) and to the material on the website, including the content, organization and layout, are owned by Bullet Communications, Inc. No reproduction, distribution or transmission of these copyrighted materials is permitted without the written consent of Bullet Communications, Inc. Any rights not expressly granted herein are reserved. You agree not to modify any copyright notices in features provided by *Bullet Communications, Inc. owns the copyright to any photography that it shoots for propietary use on Customer web page. Said photography is intended ONLY for use on Customer web page and may not be reproduced by Customer for any other use. If Bullet is requested to come back to Customer business to re-shoot photos for Customer web page, Bullet will charge a new set-up fee of $75. Should Customer want to purchase hi-res photos used on their web page for use in brochures, ads etc., Bullet will sell a CD containing hi-res photos for a cost of $300.

9.) Linked Sites. The website may contain links to websites operated by others. Such links are provided for your convenience only. does not control such websites and is not responsible for their contents. The inclusion of such linked websites shall not imply any endorsement of the material on such websites or any association with their operators.

10.) Trademarks and Service Marks. (a) The name “,” and other graphics, logos and service names used by including “Discover Joliet and All it Has to Offer” are service marks and/or trademarks of that identify the products or services of (collectively the Trademarks). You shall not use the Trademarks in connection with your products or services, or the products or services of any third party, or otherwise use the name in any manner that disparages or discredits (b) All other names and trademarks (including third party product names) used on the website are the property of their respective owners and should be treated accordingly. (c) Bullet Communications, Inc. and the bullet logo are registered service marks of Bullet Communications, Inc.


12.) Limitations on Liability. (a) You are solely responsible for the proper conduct of your business and all other matters under your control. You agree that in no event will be liable in any manner for your business actions. (b) AND BULLET COMMUNICATIONS, INC. WILL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY ERRORS OR INTERRUPTION IN THE SET-UP PROCESS OR IN PROVIDING THE SERVICES, WHETHER WITHIN OR OUTSIDE THE CONTROL OF UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL OR BULLET COMMUNICATIONS, INC. BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY FORM OF DAMAGES OR LOSSES, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, ANY DIRECT, INDIRECT, CONSEQUENTIAL, SPECIAL, PUNITIVE OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES OR LOSSES, INCLUDING LOSS OF PROFITS, LOSS OF EARNINGS, LOSS OF BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES AND PERSONAL INJURIES AND DEATH, SUFFERED FROM, BUT NOT LIMITED TO ERRORS, DELAYS, LOSS OF INFORMATION, OR A THIRD PARTY'S NEGLIGENCE, MISCONDUCT OR FAILURE TO PERFORM. AND BULLET COMMUNICATIONS, INC. WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR CLAIMS RELATED TO DISRUPTION OF SERVICE CAUSED BY HACKERS OR OTHER PERPETRATORS, AND ANY DAMAGES THAT MAY RESULT FROM INCONVENIENCE, DELAY OR LOSS OF USE OF A WEB PAGE. YOU AGREE THAT THE LIABILITY OF, IF ANY, ARISING OUT OF ANY LEGAL CLAIM CONNECTED WITH THE SERVICE SHALL NOT EXCEED THE AMOUNT YOU PAID TO FOR USE OF THE SERVICE. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES DO ANY SUCH ERRORS, DELAYS, INTERRUPTIONS IN SERVICE OR LOSS OF INFORMATION NULLIFY OR MODIFY THESE TERMS OF AGREEMENT. (c) does not guarantee continuous, uninterrupted access to its services, and your web page, and access to your web page may be interfered with by numerous factors outside of our control, including failures at computer centers at which computers are located. will not be responsible for inaccessibility to your website due to unforeseen acts or those factors beyond our control. (d) reserves the right to interrupt service to your website for routine maintenance. Maintenance will be scheduled when possible outside of peak hours.

13.) Disputes Between You and This Agreement and its terms shall be governed by the laws of the State of Illinois. The parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue in Illinois and further agree that any cause of action arising under this Agreement and any of its terms shall be brought in Will County, Illinois.

14.) Miscellaneous. (a) Your ability to use the Service and any of your rights hereunder may not be assigned or transferred to any third party. reserves the right to assign this Agreement to any third party that acquires all or substantially all of its relevant business or assets. (b) You and are independent contractors and no agency, partnership, joint venture, or other relationship is intended or created by this Agreement. (c) The section titles in this Agreement are solely used for the convenience of the parties and have no legal or contractual significance. (d) If any provision of this Agreement is held invalid or unenforceable, such provision shall be struck and the remaining provisions shall be enforced. (e) This Agreement sets forth the entire understanding and agreement between you and (f)'s services are available only to authorized individuals of legal age. You represent and warrant that you are over the age of 18 years, have read this Agreement, and agree to be bound by its terms and conditions. If the Customer is a corporation or other legal entity, you represent and warrant that you are duly authorized to enter into this Agreement on behalf of that entity.